Farmed Salmon not safe

"What they found was that the PCBs, dioxins, and a couple of other contaminants were consistently and significantly more concentrated in the farm salmon than in the wild salmon," says Jennifer Lash of the Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform."


Strangely, there's some extremist conservatives who want us to believe that contamination is actually a GOOD thing. Makes you strong, it's called "hormesis":

"...hormesis is a possible, if not highly probable, iconoclastic notion, first postulated either in the 16th century or the 1880s but gaining flattering attention within the last decade, that humans actually need small amounts of poison in their diets. A little arsenic, dioxin or radiation peppered on the spaghetti sauce may be just what we require to live long and healthy lives. And since humans need more toxins in our environment than allowed under current government regulations, so the theory goes, future efforts to clean up the environment could be greatly reduced."

LOL! It's those liberal communists who are always so negative about stuff. Just think of all the positive benefits of toxins! Oh boy, this is better than the onion, people actually believe this shit!