Meredith from Portland
Meredith ahh, from Portland
ooh Meredith from Portland
ooooh, Meredith, uhh, from Beaverton.

Alright. Here it goes for the Meredith show (Bachelorette), seeing as how all that webfeet has on tonight is something about Willie Week's prose. Boring! They'll get a few new Reed graduates who know how to write soon, and it'll all get better, Emma.

So, let's do entertainment: here it is, like Calpundit did with Survivor a while back, this will be the blog with Bachelorette Meredith (from Portland) updates.

First point: good choice, M. There's lots of dudes to choose from, they're all fairly OK. So far, Ian, the investment banker from NYC and Slipperman Rick look promising.

More every week! Stay tuned!