GM misconceptions

Surprise, surprise: Americans not informed on genetically modified foods.

"Despite the abundance of products with GM ingredients, the FPI study found that fewer than half of Americans (48%) are aware that such products are currently for sale in supermarkets, and fewer than a third (31%) realize they regularly consume GM foods."

Which is exactly what corporate farms wanted us to believe. However, this might be backfiring:

"Most Americans (87%) find it believable that people have had allergic reactions to GM food and more than half (56%) find it believable that a large fast-food chain used chickens so altered by genetic modification that they are not considered chickens anymore (both untrue rumors widely disseminated on the Internet)."

Awww, lack of knowledge leads to the belief of wild rumors. hmmh, maybe if we had had a discussion about this technology 10 years ago, we might have a chance of our population understanding that the risks of GM food are much greater to the environment than they are to us. I, for one, of course buy as much organic and local as possible; and no, as far as I'm concerned it's NOT an urban legend that it tastes better!