hyperpower no more?

Interesting article on European-American relations via the WaPo, and a story with a similar theme on Asia-American relations via Steve Clemons.

"With the United States pinned down in Iraq, where the continued deployment of nearly 150,000 troops has severely strained the U.S. military, European leaders no longer expect further military expeditions in Bush's second term. And so they have been gracious -- but assertive, thus reflecting how far the United States has fallen from "hyperpower" status....European leaders are increasingly united against U.S. positions and feel emboldened to go their own way on such issues as Iran and China."

"China has been on a major charm offensive in the Asia Pacific region -- while Japanese ministers have been pleading for the last 18 months for the U.S. not to let its level of visibility and engagement in Asia slip any further. Our absence at Asia-Pacific forums of various kinds had created a void which Chinese diplomacy was quickly filling....China's leadership realizes that the war in Iraq has been good for its interests."