They've done it!

Via Atrios, we find out that once again the wall-spiders are barking up a storm. In fact, they've uncovered a vast smurlbat conspiracy right in our midst! Barking wall spiders to the rescue! I mean it's hard to turn anywhere these days--besides talk radio, cable news, the White House press corps, all three branches of government, a majority of state governments, half of the print media and most of the blogosphere--and not find a heavy smurlbat infestation, but hey, they sure know where to find 'em!

Update: Honestly, there's too many smurlbats out there to keep track of, but thank goodness that the barking wall spiders--with their large fangs and foaming mouths--are in vigilent pursuit of photo journalist smurlbats (link thanks to All Spin Zone). The winged ones simply have no right to take those pictures! Smithers, send the hounds!