Another cold day in Buffalo...

In the words of esteemed Senator Inhofe, "where is global warming when you really need it?"

Snow? In Denver of all places? Say it isn't so!
As we have noted, anecdotal evidence is not the strongest proof for or against man-made climate change.
But hey, why not?
Unfortunately, that's what we're most often treated to by proponents of man-made climate change theory. This tactic seems to have garnered much publicity, and at least one Nobel Peace Prize, for the man-made climate change crowd.
I'm sure their holding their carbon emissions for that letter from Oslo for proving global cooling.

Did anyone mention global cooling?
If the enviro-wacko’s just stayed with the impending doom of Global Cooling in the 70’s, they would be right on track. But of course they reversed themselves and ran with the Global Warming scare just like they did in 1935, when they reversed themselves again from a Global Cooling scare in 1924!!

Anyone remember the burning a hole in the Ozone Layer from the 80’s because of the big hair spray cans ? How’d that work out ?
Uhm, jeez, I don't know. Was it voluntary emission reductions?

Maybe this guy can help us out a bit when it comes to snowfall in Colorado...