When will this madness end?

Is anything safe from the extremist enviro-whackos these days? Pushing sickly colored, mercury-spewing, migraine-inducing light bulbs on us wasn't enough for these radicals. Now they want to bring tears to the eyes of children over spilled milk:
Solution, or Mess? A Milk Jug for a Green Earth

NORTH CANTON, Ohio — A simple change to the design of the gallon milk jug, adopted by Wal-Mart and Costco, seems made for the times. The jugs are cheaper to ship and better for the environment, the milk is fresher when it arrives in stores, and it costs less.

What’s not to like? Plenty, as it turns out.

The jugs have no real spout, and their unorthodox shape makes consumers feel like novices at the simple task of pouring a glass of milk.
I thought the part about the last remnants of the human race living on floating barges powered by sewage and resorting to cannibalism won't happen until long after I'm dead! If so, then I would rather just stick to my normal milk carton thank you very much. And what ever happened with letting the market decide? I mean multiple stores going over to these new milk-wasters simultaneously?

I say we boycott the new milk containers altogether until they bring the old ones back! From now on, let's buy only half-gallon milk jugs. Missing children will thank us for it.

It's about time we collectively shout 'Fuck you Al Gore!' and put an end to this once and for all.