Hey Republicans:

Make sure you keep up the myth that Democrats are beholden to the envirowhackofascist lobby:
The most sought-after area, however, is the eastern Gulf of Mexico near Florida's western coast. Drilling rigs already operate in the gulf off Houston, New Orleans and Mississippi, giving oil producers a near-certain guarantee of finding oil near Florida. It also would be less costly for producers to move their production and delivery systems to the other side of the gulf than to place new rigs in previously unexplored regions of the Atlantic or Pacific.

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) has vowed to filibuster any legislation that would open the waters off Florida's western beach resorts, to protect his state's tourism industry and the military testing areas for Navy and Air Force bases in the region. "If they want to get something done, they have to deal with me," Nelson said in an interview Friday.
After months of whining about not being allowed to Drill Drill Drill, Republicans are on the verge of voting against drilling because they're not allowed to force us to drill everywhere all the time. Makes me wonder whether they ever took either their so-called "energy crisis" or democracy all that seriously.