I gotta start 'splainin myself sometime

You might have wondered what's happened to good ole' Sir Oolius these past few months. Well, I have to admit that after much navel-gazing, the contrarian in me won out and I feel compelled to join forces with the side of the truest truth of truer truths. Over the past 9 months, I have come to realize that I strongly believe that the free market is under attack by a vicious and heartless socialist conspiracy and that global warming is the issue with which they plan to force us into slavery. And death. Lots of death. I fear the death that is to be bestowed upon our freedom-loving nation. To all my previous readers: I WILL NOT apologize! You must join me and the mission of this mighty blog in resisting this effort on the part of our enemies by every means possible! Rise up and fight!

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, how better to get things going again here than with climate denier [dammit, things like this still slip out from time to time] policy experts quotes! Atrios pointed us to this particularly insightful quote over at Red State yesterday:
I was so delighted when she [Sarah Palin] catagorically rejected the global warming nonesense in an interview with Rush today. This is something that she was unable to do during the campaign because of McCain’s climate facisim views. This issue is one of the most important for me. Global warming facisim is the buggest threat to our liberty, prosperity, free markets, and way of life. Sarah is so far the only possible 2012 contender that holds this view. Don’t let Pawlenty’s 180 degree turnabout fool you.

Oooooh....Buggerin' Buggers!

Erick nailed it: McCain is a climate fascist. And if McClimatefascist had been elected, our right hand would already be raised high, chanting in unison: "Sieg Gaia!" Chris Horner gives some background:
[...] if warmist-friendly John McCain had been elected last November, we already would have adopted cap-and-trade, and would be facing a "successful" Copenhagen collapse.
And that's because Republican Presidents never change their position on the environment once their butts are firmly planted on the Oval Office chair, safe from the liberal MSM attacking them at every turn on the campaign trail. Moreover, McCain could have easily convinced congressional Republicans to build a filibuster-proof majority with DemocRats for cap-and-death-panel-tax legislation. We'd already be on our way to converting highways into bike lanes, downtown Detroit to a pedestrian zone, and shuttling urban hellhole criminals into the suburbs on SUPERTRAINS to implement the ACORN agenda of coercing your youngest daughter into crack-whoring. All because of climate alarmism.

But things are looking up for our side. We have "bagfulls of cash". And, this is The Year of the Skeptic, we are also currently planning on re-winning the Nobel Prize next year, but without the fat guy. And so I have great hopes for our common future together, and the 2010 elections. May God bless all of you.