Science Friday

Just so happens there's two good editorials out there today, so I'm going to take the easy way out and say go read Krugman,

"But what if creationists do to evolutionary theory what corporate interests did to global warming: create a widespread impression that the scientific consensus has shaky foundations?"

and the WaPo

"To teach American children in science class that intelligent design is an alternative explanation of how birds, anteaters and people came to be birds, anteaters and people is simply to make American children less well educated than children elsewhere."

I can't add much more than that!

Update: via Atrios we learn Santorum's flip-flopping on ID and via Chuck's blog we learn that Arlen Specter is reverting to his time-honored tradition of being a yes-man to just about any crazy idea the right wing can dish up.

Update 2: Adorno, intelligent design, Lakoff: Bouphonia rocks!

Update 3: Brad DeLong: "Now you've gone too far--over into complete fantasy."