Friday's science.e-news commentary

By now many of us will have heard the shocking revelation that an anonymous hacker has posted damning evidence showing climate sciencofascists used real data in their models, debated over whether to ask the US Congress to take climate science seriously, questioned their theories during unseasonably cold nights and disagreed over the review process and editorial decisions of certain journals. I know. I can't believe this either. Scientists should never debate things or question the validity of the assertions of those who question them. Just ask the Camel Doctor. But this conspiracy reaches much farther than even the most astute bloggers could imagine. Today it is with great shame that I must admit that I, too, was involved in the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind. As my former incarnation "Sir Oolius" I was tasked with the dreadful responsibility of having to lie to my readers. One of the e-mails in the hacked documents clearly shows this:
From: George Soros
To: Al Gore ,fat@xxxxx.xxx, t.boone.pickens@xxxx.xxx
Subject: Socialist plan to take over the World
Date: Mon., 16 Nov 2009 13:31:15 +0000
Cc: w.buffett@xxx.xx.xx

Dear Al and T.,

After all this time and money spent, we can finally say that our view is aired consistently by the MSM. We now own The Washington Post editorial board (except for Will, who still insists on publishing the truth about AGW), and at the New York Times we just added Friedman to our payroll; but Rich and Kristof have been doing fairly well for us there. In short, climatofascism can now enter its next stage. With the help of the liberal noise machine at MSNBC and the blogs, we can now delude the rest of the American public into taking "action." Romm, Revkin, Dave Roberts, Zimmer are all fighting hard to keep the message fresh. We're a little concerned with Oolius at the moment. He might be going rogue in which case we'll have to terminate his contract. Otherwise we're in good shape. Once this catches on, we'll be making trillions of dollars in so-called "alternative" energy. I know you are, T-Bone, but Al, are you fully invested in this yet? I know you've been busy with your book cover, but it's really time *now* to leverage the equity in your mansion. [...]
Folks. There you have it. This is all one big conspiracy in which scientists make things up and wealthy capitalists enrich themselves on heaps of government money while oil and coal companies struggle to survive on a 3% profit margin. And that is why I have decided to join the truth of the truest truths to shed light on these malicious tactics. I hope you will understand.