Give 'em an inch...

An open letter to climate science graduate students and an interview with Mike Hulme, both of which very conciliatory to the climate skeptic community as a whole, were posted yesterday.

But is that enough to satisfy the political community? Of course not:
We really need to remove a wholly political organization, the United Nations, from science.
Leaving in place such wholly apolitical organizations as the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Heartland Institute, etc., etc., etc. Newsbusters is characteristically more blunt:
It seems that no one will dare say that the pathetic state of the data described in the leaked e-mails and the demonstrated willingness of those who control it to massage it hollows out the entire core of the AGW argument.
Start everything over. This time with the data sets that we determine won't give us warming. I like that as a scientifically principled approach. Andrew Bolt:
The leaked emails of IPCC authors show an organisation corrupted by a clique of warmist evangelists
And AJStrata:
As the CRU data shows, there will be no significant warming detected outside the normal temperature variances for any region of the world. The dramatic warming we have been seeing is a statistical fiction that will never stand up to real scrutiny.
Nice to know that we know that from the outset. Donald Douglas of American Power:
It's going to take a lot more than a few letters like this to restore any kind of integrity to the global warming field. In fact, it's nowhere near my field, but I wouldn't advise students to enter the profession of climate science, not unless they were totalitarian radicals themselves, and then of course they wouldn't be asking for my opinion in the first place.

Global warming is a scam. It's an industry that's bent on impoverishing the world in an attempt to implement one-world governmental control. The CRU leak of just the tip of the iceberg on this, for sure.
For sure!