Like Paul Joseph, without the smile.

The Wall Street Journal provides further background on Climategate:
The tension between those two camps is apparent in the emails. More recent messages showed climate scientists were increasingly concerned about blog postings and articles on leading skeptical Web sites. Much of the internal discussion over scientific papers centered on how to pre-empt attacks from prominent skeptics, for example.
The horrifying revelations about scientific abuses over the last few days have brought us numerous challenges, but also given us an opportunity to reflect on our mission and refocus our goals. Some of our inspiration might come from fellow bloggers. For instance, Mark Steyn at National Review's Corner blogs:
"Climate change" and "health care" are different ends of the same stick: They're both all-purpose pretexts for regulating every aspect of your life.
Yikes! Blogger William A. Jacobson of Legal Insurrection alerts us to the danger of scientists:
The e-mails also demonstrate what we all have known to be true -- that left-wing academics hate people who disagree with them, and are willing to engage in de facto boycotts and intimidation in order to silence opposing opinions. [...]

Let's get it right, or our children will be swimming -- not in water -- but in economic ruin resulting from failed policies based on politicized science propagated by people with hidden agendas who stand to make fortunes off of our misery.
Finally, Wonker, aka TerryP at HazZzMat relates this to all of academia:
A certain amount of this ongoing snit is but one example of the casual, reprehensible kind of skulduggery that's an everyday fact of life in academia where tenured-for-life professors go through adulthood acting like spoiled brat
We're at war with a propaganda machine conspiring to take over the world. Luckily, there are tools to fight for our freedom. For instance, the cover of this new book from Australia puts exactly what we're up against into an easily comprehensible cartoon:

The captain must not leave his sinking ship.