If he's not found to have been intoxicated or otherwise distracted....you just gotta feel bad for the bus driver. That's not to say it's not tragic for friends and family of the pedestrian, of course, but the bus driver's gotta feel like crap.

Market Street is generally bad for pedestrians. And it's not that people are driving "too fast," the usual knee-jerk sentiment to accidents such as these. Consider the crosswalks at Park and Market. Part of the traffic stops, part of the drivers have never even been aware of the idea that one might stop for pedestrians; usually the part just moved here from places like Idaho, Nevada, or California where walking is unheard of and stopping for those who do is unpatriotic. If this was fate and it HAD to happen, I probably would have preferred it be one of the urban assault vehicles coming in from the western 'burbs rather than a bus driver. I know that sounds bad, but I've had my share of close calls on Market and have learned to NOT use the crosswalk, but to Jaywalk when traffic is held up at the light.

This all comes one day after TriMet got its name back.