Dean Yawp

Watch the video in context and clearly, Dean's yawp is a non-event. He was clearly being positive, and yet the likes of crazy Chuckie still try to put the negativity spin on it.
Moreover, they're trying to make us believe it'd been easy to defeat Dean. Well, BS. If it'd been easy, they wouldn'tve pummeled him early on. Truth is, conservatives were scared of a potential nominee saying what everyone knows is true. With Kerry, the jury is still out. Problem is, he may not be able to bring enough excitement to the campaign, at which point conservatives can pull the same crap they tried in 2000.

"Sure Bush lost 2 million jobs, but our economy is great b/c corporate profits are up. Sure that doesn't benefit you, but think of the $300.- you got! Yes, your boys and girls are dying for no reason in Iraq while the Halliburton and KBR bosses are running with the money. Yeah, so what, who cares about the environment anyway? There's terrorism to think about! Oh, Palestinians should be treated like humans? OK, OK, listen at the end of the day, who would you rather sit down and have a beer with?"
"Well, uh, Bush."
"See, there you go."

Never mind that you never get to see the guy unless you've got an extra 5 grand floating around.

[daily rant].