Free speech zones for Dick

There used to be a time when I believed that all of Oregon, indeed all of the US, was a "free speech zone." Now, we have "free speach zones" right here in Portland. Boy! I'm lucky I'm at home right now and haven't been arrested yet for thinking bad thoughts!

Cheney's visit was sick. Even the right-leaning KATU (not that there's much of difference these days, considering KGW's report on how the EPA is partly responsible for the snow delays in Portland) actually ventured out to try to interview the protesters. THROUGH A FRICKIN' CHAIN-LINKED FENCE!!!! Citizens herded into a pen where they were allowed to congregate like the monkeys at ORPRC--not that anyone actually ASKED what their opinions might be, but who cares. But, I guess we have to count ourselves lucky in Portland since in other areas of the country the media isn't even allowed to interview the protesters...either due to secret service or the local TV station bosses restrictions.

No, I wasn't at the protest. Unfortunately. I wish I could've been there to see it in person.

This sort of messing with Portland in particular and Oregon in general pisses me off to no end. Those anti-science, renewable-energy bashin', death-with-dignity hatin', medicinal-pot-bustin' assholes ought to go back to the hole in Texas or Wyoming or Missouri that they crawled out of. Once again, there is NO reason Oregonians should vote against their own interests.

ohhh. ooops, that's way too negative...I guess I should vote for Dean.