Mitch Daniels on Paul O'Neill

After interviewing Suskind on the Newshour, Ray Suarez asked Mitch Daniels about Bush Kabinett meetings. For a few minutes Daniels tried to persuade us all that Bush = Hegel, and then ended with this:

"You know, Ray, let me point out what to me is an irony of this whole situation. Going public, breaching both confidence and I think faith in this way, I believe can only have the effect of chilling the very kind of debate that Paul O'Neill rightly wanted to see in this administration. People will be much less likely to be candid and forthright and argumentative if they think they're going to read it in somebody's book a few months hence. And that's another reason I'm sorry that this whole thing happened."

Yeeeaaaahhhh...if only everyone were to just shut up and conform, we could expect less shutting up and conformity.