Oregon beef articel

The Oregonian article starts out with this rather unfortunate oh-my-gosh! headline:

"Even priciest beef can't promise protection from mad cow risk"

But then becomes quite informative:

"For example, feed containing animal byproducts has been implicated in the spread of the disease in Europe. In the United States, cattle raised for certified organic beef must by law receive vegetative feed only -- meaning grass and grains."

and then later goes into detail as to exact why Oregon Country Beef is better than the rest, but then seemingly falls victim to the Ailes effect:

"Still, Hatfield said he cannot guarantee that Oregon Country Beef is 100 percent mad cow-free. He can only offer a guarantee that it is 'about as close to 100 percent as you can get.'"

OK, yes, while it IS true that one could maybe, possibly, find a prion in organic beef, the fact is that's the way beef OUGHT to be raised, and it's CLEARLY less likely to get a mad cow when it's not been fed potentially infectious agents.