vicious circle

Conservatives blame European resistance to the Iraq adventure on this idea that Europe's state-run television stations were somehow not beholden enough to corporate interests--[cough]--I mean, not "independent" enough to come to the only conclusion possible in their eyes; and therefore unduly influenced public opinion, along the lines of if they were only forced to watch FNC constantly, they'd be so much more enlightened [blinded].

We conquer the country, and kick out those media outlets we don't like and establish certain media outlets that are--[cough]--state run (only not their state, but ours).

One of those media outlets decides to send an article up through the entirely unbiased MEMRI about how just about everyone who opposed the war was on Saddam's paycheck (hey, why didn't I get any money?).

Then FoxNews, an--[cough]--"independent" newsoutlet recycles the story.