Paranoid post

The blogosphere is hopping about the independent commission to study intelligence "failures" leading to the preconceived war we just finished up. Two things make me wonder about this. First, Debka (the little site that tries harder) still adamently grips onto its theory that Iraq was chock-full o'WMD and that they were all transferred to Syria. Leaving aside the inherent leap of logic about sending these things to an enemy shortly before being attacked by the big bully on the block, the fact that this is still around indicates that a certain state--a state upon whose regional intelligence we depend and in whose interest it is to get rid of neighboring regimes--still wants us to believe the story. Secondly, the commission is set to examine not only intelligence on Iraq, but intelligence from all over (including Iran, N. Korea, etc.).
So, here's what I smell might come out of this: the commission will deduce that there was something to it all, and that the most logical conclusion is that Syria has 'em. This will slowly unfold to a climax around the Republican national convention; at which point the question asked to voters will be are you willing to risk voting for a candidate who will not be tough on Syria?
Just paranoid mumblings, I s'pose. And time will tell. But, I in no way believe that GWB had kicked his war habit after it's been so reinforcing for so many months.