Silly voters...

...you've just been had.
There was a time in Oregon when it really seemed like we could have a diversified economy grown on what we had in our past (timber, natural resources) and what we might have to offer in the future (high-tech manufacturing). Back in the mid-90's (remember those?), we had the fastest growing economy that, though it wasn't built upon many manufacturing jobs yet, held out promise for the future. Along came the tax cutters: Well, we can't pass a tax without a vote, so we can't pass it without a supermajority; we deserve a kicker check even if we're at the edge of a cliff poised to take a giant leap forward. etc., etc., we all know the story...those folks in Salem don't deserve our hard earned money, it's ours, not theirs.
Jeez, guess what? The economy took a dive! Who'd'a thunk?
Well, fine. Measure 30 failed. Bush is in office. What's the result for Oregon? They steal our timber proceeds under the "healthy forests" initiative, send it off to Asia under free trade, then convince us to willingly give up our fair share of federal money after measure 30 fails. Man, don't you folks get it? These were national groups involved in our election process, and they were only out to ease the federal (budget and trade) deficits and to make a point, which was that even those left-coasters don't like taxes. So, Oregon goes back to being the banana republic of states that it used to be back in the late '80s.
Nope, things won't change overnight after Measure 30 fails. Tomorrow we'll wake up and things will look like today. Next week, next month we might hear something (or not) that might make us wonder about measure 30. But come the next big idea, will companies want to relocate here if their employees don't want to tag along? If they don't like the school system, transportation options, criminal justice system, what will set us apart from Alabama? Mt. Hood? I seriously doubt that people and business would have shied away from this state because income taxes are 80 bucks higher than they used to be. But they--and we all know that includes numerous California companies--might not want to come here because we can't pay for diddly. Oh well, that's what the federal system is all about: those states that do it better are those states that can take advantage of economic upturns....we can only hope that we will one day understand what we need to do reverse that trend, and hopefully that will be before people and companies re-discover Oregon as a great place to live, so we can take advantage of the next big thing.
As for me, I read the budget proposal for my future home of Pennsylvania today. It sounded quite reasonable. Money seems to be invested in things that might help take advantage of future economic boom times (a cursory reading yes, so maybe when I move there I might change my mind). And, OMG, some taxes are actually increased to accomplish that goal! This is from a state that elects some of the most self-destructive conservatives of the country.

I hope to live in Oregon again one day, when things are going well again. Until then, enjoy the two tank-loads full of gas for your SUV you just saved yourself in income taxes.