There's a taxcut for you!

"The coalition said in a report released recently that if the Energy Department promptly adopted advocates' recommendations for higher standards in three categories -- residential furnaces and boilers, commercial central air conditioning and transformers such as those found on power poles -- consumers and businesses would save $22 billion by 2030."

Well, it's not exactly $7 trillion, but it'd be a good start to domestic savings and possibly future foreign exports. The Article is via the WaPo
. It goes on to say:

"only one [appliance efficiency standard] has been adopted during the Bush administration: for residential air conditioners. That regulation was adopted only after the administration lost a court case..."

and--equally not surprising--who's to blame according to the Bushies?

"Energy Department officials gave several reasons for missing deadlines, including a more time-consuming process for approving standards created during the Clinton administration."

Clenis! Who'da thunk? Yet, all this energy efficiency is just socialist hogwash anyway:

"The typical consumer would never recover the cost of the increase in efficiency,"

yeah, clearly that's why we still use 1950's refrigerators that are only 50% more efficient than today's!