Dear leader is always right

I'm wondering whether this trip to Europe exists only for the benefit of of our right-wing pundits and their right-wing media outlets. What orgasmic BS haveth been spread by them recently: "all the Europeans have come around to the President's opinions on everything because he has spread demoncracy and freedom around the world! The President is right when he fights with Europe and he's right when he makes nice with Europe, though he never changes his position."

Everything that's been done by this trip is old news, and the European press by and large--regardless what Fox & Friends says--has been pointing this out. The Europeans haven't shown much new initiative, but neither has Bush: training Iraqi police has always been on the table, it's the US that's refused that help from Europe unless they also send troops; NATO is still going to be restructured to attempt to avoid the current master-vassal relationship; on the other side of the coin, there has been not the slightlest hint of a budge on climate change policy or support of international institutions by the President, and jeez, just because he says he's not planning on attacking Iran, doesn't mean he's not actually planning on attacking--remember how he said the same about Iraq up until the last day. To their credit, one thing has changed: Jaque Chirac now sees fit to buttum up his shirt and wear a tie while meeting with the POTUS.

Update: Bush's visit with "young German leaders" that's going on right this minute has been reported to be a setup by Spiegel. Apparently there was supposed to be a town-hall style meeting, but then US strategists believed that questions from regular Germans should be censored soas not to include the rather negative, pesky ones. Thus, instead of a townhall meeting, there is now a meeting with "leaders" hand-picked by US think-tanks. Beautiful: script that which appears unscripted so dear leader won't be treated too rough.

Update 2: I had it all wrong. Hannity The Wise just informed me that it is the French who should apologize to us. Yes, Europeans shall bow down and apologize for being lied to and apologize for not spending huge amounts of blood and money for something that could have been handled with strengthened treaties that the US rejected. I'm sure they are so, so sorry.