Environmental movement...

...is as dead as the environment itself? This poll is new to me and quite disturbing:

"the percentage of the 2,500 people in the poll who agree that pollution is necessary to preserve jobs rose from 17 percent in 1992 to 29 percent in 2004."

That was also the period of time that groups like the American Enterprise Institute, Cato, etc. used their resources to conduct a full-fledged assault on environmental issues and those that valued them in the US. In this amount of time they've taken it so far that now we're probably the only G8 nation that has significant numbers of people walking around intent on believing that global warming is all a big hoax and that creationism should be taught as science. Thank you very much. So, yeah, new strategies like some being talked about here are probably a worthwhile consideration to pursue. Also, I believe Democrats should be making this into much more of an issue than they have been. The "death" of environmentalism can be traced directly back to the cynical manipulation of people's opinions and there's only one party that can point that out so that we may finally experience some meaningful change back to where things should be.