glad to see that online training courses can provide such realistic examples:

"Ron completes his Ph.D. on transcription factors with
Dr. Morris and secures a postdoc with Dr. Link with a
promise of a faculty position 2 years later."

Update: given the "he and the "her," what genders are Drs. Johnson and Axle in the following example:

"Dr. Johnson is attending a conference where presenters are discussing their work in progress. One of the presenters, Dr. Axle, is working on a project that is very similar to his own work. Dr. Johnson realizes in the course of Dr. Axle's talk that he is working on a technique that could make a major contribution to her work."

Think you got it? Check these two statements:

"Dr. Johnson should not discuss his work with Doctor Axle because she is a competitor."


"Suppose Dr. Johnson did reveal his technique to Dr. Axle and she went on to complete her project and publish a groundbreaking paper. Dr. Johnson would be entitled to co-authorship on this paper."

uhh? wha? who? Man, it's hard work doing this job!