I'm in [the jury], I'm off [the blog]

I've been selected. I think they [judge, defense, prosecutor] liked that I was from


Thanks to Eligere for the book to help me figure out the current state of the legal system [this is sohh-not related to the case]. It will help me through some of the more monotonous moments of our legal system.

That's all for now. I might consider keeping a journal of my experiences on my harddrive (after the trial). I have no idea if i will ever publish it on this blog (don't know if I will be allowed, don't know if it would be wise, don't know if I will care or have time to do so when it's all over).

GAWD! there's so much to tawk about! Chew on these:

Why'd that dead guy not go along with the most generous settlement?
"The White House has contended that complying with the treaty's requirement could cost millions of jobs, many of them to Third World countries such as India and China, both signers of Kyoto but exempted from any limits on greenhouse gases.would that be relative to the "before the tax-cut" job losses?