Most ridiculous item of the week

This just had to be this week's winner!

"you won't fucking link to me...no matter what...will you?"

I guess I can understand the frustration. I drink beer with Atrios every so often and does he have my link up? Sadly, no! Speaking of whom, does Sadly have my link up? Anyway, I'm happy in the knowledge I can call them insulting nicknames. So whaddaya think about that, Bilbo Rosie Palm? huh?

Update: via whyareweback:
"'i still think you should add the links atrios...put them on another page...you should link to everyone on our side..so that we can all become stronger on the internet'
thats what the right does...thats why their blogs dominate the top of the truthlaidbear website (not just because the bear is a republican tool)"


"If the bigger blogs listened to smaller blogs than [sic] this story would have come out two weeks ago. That's my fucking point."

Uh, jeez, don't know what to say about that, except: I report, you decide! And, well, uh, will you link to me if I link to you?