sleep paralysis => UFO

Eh, yo Bora, did you see the ABC News special tonight on UFOs? OK, OK: [UFOs = cheesy], and I was actually watching three other shows at the same time while I was surfing the blogosphere, but they mentioned sleep paralysis as a possible explanation of UFO sightings. I thought that was actually an interesting observation that almost redeemed the show entirely for me.

"Episodes can be associated with hypnagogic hallucinations or dream-like mentation"

Update: Here's what the Denver Post has to say about the 2-hour show:

"But by fronting this exercise, Jennings has taken sides in an uncomfortable way. He has thrown in with the corporate bean counters who would rather have their anchor host a two-hour prime-time marathon about UFOs during February than, say, a straightforward, in-depth analysis of Social Security."

Speaking of Social Security reform, it looks like Bush needs this handy voo-doo knife holder to convince Democrats to join him: