Go right ahead! Maybe Western WA and OR can unite while Eastern WA and OR can do the same, thus maintaining the full 50 states presently represented in our flag. We could call the Western state Oregon and the Eastern state, well,

Walla Walla? no that'd be too ingine-sounding--Payute or Nez Perce would also fall under that category. Hmmh, Spokane, Yakima, no, no; ah heck we'd just call it the Promised Land! Imagine Spokane as their capitol, though! Wow!

Anyway, here's how this'd work: to get their products to the lucrative Asian markets, the ports of Portland and Seattle could charge outrageous docking fees since they'd no longer be in competition with one another and as long as it's cheaper than transporting goods to San Francisco first, they'd keep on coming! Yes, please secede: you'd only be another two electoral votes anyway!