This is rich

The original post is extremely old (over two years now), but it was recently re-linked here and there, so I'll follow suit. Hindrocket--not Heinrich--over at Powerline wrote:

"I think that Darwin's theory of macroevolution is plainly wrong, on strictly scientific grounds."

Yes, and we at coeruleus believe the world is flat, on strictly geologic grounds, that the head of the CIA is really the ruler of the world, on strictly political grounds, and that pigs can fly, on strictly aerodynamic grounds. His rant is about a prof. who refused to write recs. to students who, well, basically fail biology because they believed, on metaphysical grounds, that they were in Sunday school rather than biology class all this time.

"So to bar a student from progressing in his career because he refuses to sign on to what is, in my view, a rather obvious fraud, which cannot withstand the mildest scrutiny, is really an outrage. It is no different from the practice in Soviet Russia of promoting only biologists who believed (or pretended to believe) in the theories of Lamarck, who argued that acquired traits could be inherited. But Darwinism is the official religion of the biological (and more generally, the scientific) establishment, and as such is rigorously enforced."

At coeruleus, we have an altar set up where we chant ancient runes to Darwin's edifice. Thanks to Hindrocket, we are now acutely aware that up is in fact down while down is up: Lamarck in Russia, Darwin in the US...can it get any better than this? Sadly, yes!

"The reality is that in the academic world, and to a lesser degree in the business world, being a liberal and subscribing to the liberal creed on subjects like abortion and affirmative action are qualities that, while not necessary, are certainly desirable for promotion."

I myself have also been plagued all day with paranoia thinking about the leftist Wall Street types...where's my medica...oh, found the pills...better now. If it were up to Hindrocket types, this would merit an anti-discrimination lawsuit, and then they'll have us all exactly where they want us: by the balls. Today we must teach creationism in public school biology classes, tomorrow we must allow those same students to pass college biology without the faintest knowledge about biology, the day after they will become the next generation of leaders who can easily make us believe whatever they want us to believe because science, is, after all just a bunch of theories. Certainly Darwin's work has some logical leaps that have been rightfully pointed out, but the issue here is really not about that. As Hindrocket--not Heinrich--himself points out:

"The great fault line in our society is not economic. It is cultural, and specifically, religious."

Definitely Wanker of the decade!