Lemme get a handle on this. The same folks who tell us that there's vast numbers of people who will wait 2, 4, even 8 hours in line just to walk into polling stations in Florida or Ohio (but nowhere else) to leave their vote for POTUS blank-by-hanging-chad are now trying to make us believe that "ah-ph" means: "my husband tried to kill me 15 years ago--and has been at it ever since--and a simple executive order would bring all that to light. Furthermore, Krazy Chuckie at FoxNews is right: 'ah-ph'want my feeding tube reinserted to be allowed to tell my side of the story."

I say, "ah-ph"uck this: there's legitimate issues to be discussed about this case, like how the greatest medical care system in the world depended on a recently outlawed medical malpractice lawsuit to fund her care, like how cuts in Medicaid will lead to more feeding tubes removed than death-with-dignity cases ever will--make no mistake about it: their next target will be Oregon--and how a handful of extremists have a.) brought us back to the days of Gary Condit and b.) have twisted bioethics to state that their bread-and-circus opiate for the people is justified in what used to be thought of as a civilized society.

Update: Teh, indeedy!