Bush picks Johnson

OK, OK, the Johnson nomination for EPA doesn't look too bad: he's a scientist who's work has been in pesticide toxicology. Sounds good.

The news today, however, is quite different: Bush to nominate Bolton as U.N. ambassador:

"'The president and Secretary Rice have chosen Mr. Bolton because he knows how to get things done,' said the adviser, who did not want to be named."

Bolton, previously:

"At the Justice Department, Bolton acted as the Department's "no man" refusing to provide congressional committees documents on Supreme Court nominees William Renquist, Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy. He also refused to provide information, including his personal notes regarding the Iran-Contra scandal, and aided congressional Republicans who attempted to stop investigations of Contra drug smuggling."

Dr Rice's advisor, today:

"...he has a proven track record of effective multilateralism."

Bolton, 1998:

"Moreover, many Republicans in Congress - and perhaps a majority - not only do not care about losing the General Assembly vote but actually see it as a "make my day" outcome. Indeed, once the vote is lost, and the adverse consequences predicted by the U.N.'s supporters begin to occur, this will simply provide further evidence to many why nothing more should be paid to the U.N. system."

Advisor to Dr. Rice today:

"John Bolton is personally committed to the future success of the U.N."

Bolton, 1994:

"there's no such thing as the United Nations," and ''if the UN secretary building in New York lost 10 stories, it wouldn't make a bit of difference.''

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