Death sucks...

...then you, live? Via the Oregonian:

"An Estacada man's attempt at doctor-assisted suicide last month took a bizarre turn when he woke from a coma nearly three days later and lived for two more weeks."

Man, that's gotta suck. Not just for him, but all the more so for the emotional rollercoaster his family endured. Turns out he was one tough cookie, though:

"Prueitt had an up-and-down life. Relatives described him as a proud, hardworking logger who smoked for years. Records show that he served seven years in prison after a rape conviction."

What can one say?

"If it was an assisted suicide, it wasn't done right."

yeah, no sh*t, Holmes! Unfortunately, this will be used by the righties to once again meddle in state's rights issues:

"Steve Prueitt, of Beaverton, David's brother, opposes doctor-assisted suicide for religious reasons and said he thinks his brother was chosen by God as an example of why assisted suicide is wrong.
'God chose David as his spokesman with reference to physician-assisted suicide, absolutely,' Steve Prueitt said."

The wrath of man shall know no bounds, I suppose.