Don't fuck with Chuck II (a.k.a. don't fuck with satire)

This post was spawned by a tatteredcoats post. It may come as a surprise to many of you, as to myself, but Coeruleus (SWM) tends to unexpectedly blog in “satire”. Although I am a minimal part of the Coerulear sphere, I am the fluttering Id, which prevents Coeruleus (SWF) from recognizing satire [I’m the raphe of his coeoruleus]. For example, Coeruleus (SWM) recently posted the fictional comments of some political figures including Chuck Pennachio.

Coeruleus (SWF) posted about maggots eating up the cerebral cortex, a brain area we have recently learned via Terry Chiavo, is of national importance. And yet, maggots or not, we’re down with Chuck Pennachio. We (SWF/M) found our personal interactions with Chuck really intriguing. From the coerulear perspective, Chuck’s empathy was reminiscent of Ron Wyden before he became Senator, so Coeruleus is in Chuck’s camp.