Econ, God's way!

According to Business Reform, we have much to learn in economics class.
For one, we now know which companies to invest in, not Xerox:

"And this shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone familiar with the organization: Perhaps more than any other company we researched for this list, Xerox uses the diversity catchwords to market themselves to customers, clients, and potential employees."

diversity = bad. ExxonMobil = good:

"Exxon, in 1999, was only the second company in American history to rescind domestic partner benefits for its employees....It also rescinded its sexual non-discrimination policy that was once in its employee handbook."

Yeah, a bunch of middle-age white Republicans sure can sell gas! According to BR (uh, maybe they should rename themselves Business Savior, short: BS) this whole diversity thing is really quite obnoxious, as is posted in their "blog" section:

"my children (10,12 & 13) work in the store with my wife and myself. Their spiritual safety (homosexuality is a demonic spirit) is my primary concern."

Help, screams Matthew Adams in the comment section! My family is in danger from homos! What if one of "them" turns out to be a customer? Is it ethical to accept "their" money? After all:

"Americas brand of Socialism is well entrenched and it has a core project to remove the influence of Christainity from its meaning of Diversity."

responds Charles Kidd. And Socialism, hehe, vavavavoom, now that's some bad shit! Who's to blame?

"Our kids and our dollars keep this bazzar system up and running year after year.It is not only sad it is sick. 'Zero Tolerance' produces 'Total Intolerance'"

According to Wayne DeWitt. Ah, but through all this socialism and dog-eat-man-on-dog capitalism mumbo-jumbo, the voice of "science" and "god" comes through in the annointed "Jeff":

"There are no spiritual or human differences between those with one skin color and other. There are profound differences in beliefs and life-successes between Christian marriages and homosexual partnering. Justice is only possible within societies where Old Testament values are entrenched. Cultures that abandon objective truth fail. Cultures that accept and live within the confines of objective truth thrive."

and therefore, the hypothesis, data, and conclusion are:

"Can the heterosexual work alongside the homosexual without harm coming to the heterosexual? The results are still being compiled on that one, but the evidence is leaning toward the conclusion that a promiscuous, godless lifestyle can cause harm to the individual and the culture of the heterosexual."

and, one last time to drive the conclusion home to the deaf and hard of hearing:

"This pain can only last a lifetime."

Folks like this ridicule environmental- and social-conscious ETFs?