jumpin' Jesus juice!

Got the rolly on my arm, and I'm pourin' Chandon [not really], drop Ricky like he's...not:

"Every society in tha history of dawg has upheld tha institution of marriage as a bond between a dawg n a woman droppin hits. Why? Coz society is based on one th'n: tizzy society is based on tha future of tha society in tha dogg pound. And that's W-H-to-tha-izzat? Children. Monogizzles relatizzles. In every society, tha definizzle of marriage has not ever ta mah knowledge included homosexuality . You'se a flea and I'm the big dogg. That's not ta pizzle on homosexuality keep'n it real yo. It's niznot, you knizzay dawg on child, dawg on dog, or hustla tha case may be. It is one blunt-rollin'. And when you destroy that you have a dramatic impact on tha quality..."

(many things going on here, not just work: pending problems 'plains posting paucity) Enjoy Gizoogle.