Moral clarity...

...gets a bit murky when Hindrocket, not Heinrich writes about anti-abortion terrorists:

"And, as far as violence by political extremists is concerned, ecoterrorists have carried out at least as many violent attacks as anti-abortion fanatics. But, in Krugman's twisted world, that's different."

Apparently burning a few SUVs is morally equivalent to attempted murder of living, breathing, people because of what they do for a living.* But, In Hindrocket's twisted world, moral clarity has a difficult time making it past the land-grab wall white picket fence that helps to defray terrorist acts in Israel.

*I can't remember a single incident when eco-terrorists knowingly targeted people: injuries resulting from past direct-actions were accidental and unintended, though before the late '80s there were some eco-activists who foolishly didn't care much one way or another.