public health cuts

Here is the message from SFN:

"The House and Senate Budget Committees plan to begin work on their respective Budget Resolutions soon.  The Budget Resolution, which establishes overall spending levels for the year, will likely contain cuts for domestic discretionary programs such as NIH.
Generally, we have the best chance of stopping the cuts in the Senate.  SfN asks you to contact both of your Senators, urging them to oppose caps that freeze spending for health programs BELOW last year’s levels."

I'd like to add that given PA's three major research universities it'd be extra-special tripple-D-snap dumb for any of ours to vote to lower funding, like Tata Toomey would have loved to do. Though Ricky's a bit of a wanker, I doubt he'd be nearly that stupid, but I suppose there's always room for downside surprises especially if he's been busy figuring out ways to subvert NIH money to help the Murkowski family pocketbook.

Praised be oil almighty!