The taste of music

This is quite fascinating. I've played music for a number of years growing up: first the violin then piano, and I can understand feeling notes to a certain degree. Some people, however, go a few steps further to seeing colors and tastes!

"Elizabeth Sulston was at school when she first noticed that she saw colours while hearing music. She realized that the same was not true of her peers, although linkage of tone and colour is a known synaesthetic combination.

As she began to learn music more formally, she found that when hearing particular tone intervals she experienced a characteristic taste on her tongue. For example, a minor third tasted salty to her, whereas a minor sixth tasted like cream. She started to use the tastes to help her recognize different chords."

Paraphrasing Ms Coeruleus, she needs to be real careful which restaurants she goes to! That Mozart so clashes with the Filet Mignon...