Wednesday Wine blogging

Free Hydrogen Ion 0.4 mmol/L
Total Acidity 58.8 mmol/L
Fixed Acidity 54.8 mmol/L
Volatile Acidity 4.0 mmol/L

"Red and black plums and cherries, whiff of smoke and a touch of gameyard spiciness.Juicy soft and mellow finish."

"A very elegant and approachable Claret with good structure, silky tannins and concentrated, ripe black fruit"

"Chateau Tanesse stands out among the hills of Langoiran over looking the Garonne river and 80 acres of grapes.
The vineyard faces into the southern sun and benefits from light reflected off the surface of the river. Being sheltered to the north ensures temperatures of up to 30°C in the summer."


Coeruleus: We loved the soft tannins: does "tanesse" mean "soft tannins" in French? Unfortunately, it didn't go very well with the spicy lamb vinadaloo tonight because the lamb vinadloo was, well, spicy. It was so spicy that for a while I only tasted the alcohol in the wine because everything else was busy quenching the spice (luckily, the wine didn't have to resort to sacrificing the buzz-worthy ethanol to the gods of spice). Nevertheless, I love spicy flavors: the lamb vindaloo was superb! And, I love soft tannins: the wine was superb! The combination just didn't have the right timing.

Disclaimer: Heinrich, not Hindrocket did in fact drink the wine described above, and approves of this message.