Wednesday Wineblogging

This is kind of an experimental blog posting, and may not last as long as Phriday Photography. Either way, here goes: the wine we have on Wednesday shall be mentioned henceforth. Until we decide otherwise. The wines we select from will be cheap(-ish) wines, in the $10-20 range. They will usually be wines that are available in Delaware and maybe also in PA, except they'll be more expensive. We will always welcome suggestions, so please e-mail and comment.

Without a further ado, tonight's selection was a bottle of Perrin Vacueyras, 2000. It was all-in-all a quaffable wine that went fairly well with the lamb we ate, though not as well as I had hoped. Unfortunately, it didn't have any high-lights or any real seriousness about it. What I was most disappointed about was that there was very little finish: the taste was very even throughout, which is OK, but not my personal favorite. So, as for me, she's good for a Wednesday, but maybe I won't buy a case to serve to friends to show how great I am at picking wines randomly off the shelf (like the ones we splashed down on Saturday and Sunday).

that's it.