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Accipiter nisus: the Sparrowhawk, not the hectic Smurlbat. Sparrowhawks hover over their prey before they strike. That's what this blog is all about: hovering for a while before posting. However, I've been way too busy...

...hovering recently.

While hovering, I've been learning stuff like how too much halothane is less desirable than too little halothane, although both kinda suck because you have to stop recording to deal with the situation. 60-cycle noise sucks, that I have learned. However, I've also learned that crossing a street in Philadelphia is actually easier while carrying a faraday cage because the usual reaction of Philly drivers to pedestrians legally crossing an intersection at a crosswalk [*honk* "eh: outadeway, can'tchou see I'm tryin' to run yuze freakin' ass over?" *honk**honk*] is somewhat less assertive. My current hypothesis is that a Faraday cage not only repels electrical noise, it may also repel Mid-lantic drivers from pedestrians who have the right of way. Can I get NIMH funding for that?

Anyway, there are reasons I'm not posting besides my being in the sun with cherry blossom petals in my mouth, though I've been reading dis-n-dat-and-all-dat. Some articles I've read might have been interesting enough to actually write a post about, like this article in the WaPo I perused at a suburban DC Starbucks. Yeah, shock and awe: I went to Starbucks! In the 'burbs! On Sunday! But back to the lack of posts: there's plenty to be said about dis-n-dat-and-all-dat, and it will happen again presently.

Bottom line: this blog will never again use the extremely popular smurlbat ecosystem for its own political ah-genda though we (meaning me an that other one who has a password) know it will be difficult for all die-hard coeruleus reader(s). It won't happen again. No, never. No more bats, wallspiders, and dis-n-dat-and-all-dat.

no, really, that's it: no more smurlbats. No.