Evolution = Communism

According to scholars in wingnuttia.

Following the highly disappointing papacy of John Paul II:

"Unlike John Paul II, who seemed to sign off on conventional evolutionary theory save for the divine infusion of souls at the origin of humanity"

hey, why stop there, I'm sure we're all still a bit disappointed at his stance against murdering abortionists. But be that as it may, we now have a new Pope and Dembski is:

"predicting that Bush and Benedict XVI will play much the same role in the distintegration of evolution (i.e., the ateleological materialistic form of it that currently dominates the West) as Reagan and John Paul II did in the disintegration of communism."

pepper it with some big words and call it deep: does materialistic refer to the genetic material that is inherited by subsequent generations without payment of an estate tax by the genetically wealthy?

Pope B-16: "hey, George, I'm coming out with this edict that says biology teachers should not receive communion until they teach teleological biology."
George: "sounds great, I'll make it a federal crime to teach evolution, ecology and climate science materialsistical."
B-16: "Ok, make sure to have Bolton bring it up to the Security council while you're at it."