Fair and Balanced

"But science is about data, not humility — and the scientific debate continues to rage over whether humans are adversely affecting global climate. Just a few weeks ago, for example, the Wall Street Journal reported that a key computer model relied on by global warming believers, is seriously flawed, predicting global warming no matter what data are entered into it....If radical social activist investors continue to successfully pressure companies on global warming and other aspects of their radical political agendas, those investment alternatives that Fidelity and others look for will eventually disappear. Investors will have no choice but to invest in businesses hamstrung by the radical Green agenda."
(emphasis added)

Steven Milloy ExxonMobil, FoxNews.com, April 8, 2005.

"During his talk at the AEI, Michael Crichton attacked the “hockey stick,” calling it “sloppy work.” He’s hardly the first to have done so. A whole cottage industry has sprung up to criticize this analysis, much of it linked to ExxonMobil-funded think tanks. At a recent congressional briefing sponsored by the Marshall Institute, Senator Inhofe described Mann’s work as the “primary sci- entific data” on which the IPCC’s 2001 conclusions were based. That is simply incorrect. Mann points out that he’s hardly the only scientist to produce a “hockey stick” graph—other teams of scientists have come up with similar reconstructions of past temperatures. And even if Mann’s work and all of the other studies that served as the basis for the IPCC’s statement on the temperature record are wrong, that would not in any way invalidate the conclusion that humans are currently causing rising temperatures. “There’s a whole independent line of evidence, some of it very basic physics,” explains Mann."
(emphasis added)

Chris Mooney, Mother Jones, April 18, 2005