Intelligent design is a step forward?

"I'm simply not persuaded by the argument that there is a burgeoning "Theocracy" in the United States. You can tell the Social Conservatives are losing by the very battles they are fighting.... That's one hell of a long way from the 1940s-50s.... Intelligent Design would have been a big step forward for (creationism-dominated) science classes."

That's according to libertarians who read QandO Blog. See, nothing to worry about. Just like being a bit overweight.

"Public opinion contains all kinds of falsity and truth, but it takes a great man to find the truth in it. The great man of the age is the one who can put into words the will of his age, tell his age what its will is, and accomplish it. What he does is the heart and the essence of his age, he actualizes his age. The man who lacks sense enough to despise public opinion expressed in gossip will never do anything great."

"I'm not ugly, but my beauty is a total creation."
--also Hegel