Tonight's lesson

I'm only now beginning to understand the new rules of the game. It's hard, hard work I tell you: there are so few leebruhls to go after these days, we need to make up who is and who is not a cappucino-sippin' Volvo Subaru drivin' philosophizin' anti-philosophical leehbruhl. Take Michael Schiavo, for example: he was a liberal because we said so, and goddangit, he's guilty of murder even if the activist judges didn't take the law into their own hands and punish him. Ooops, I'm still trying to figure these things out: I mean, they allowed a liberal [smurlbat] to state his wife's wishes under oath, and that's clearly not what the constitution would have wanted, or maybe the parts of that document we'll still want to retain for future reference once we're done changeing the rest of it. Same thing goes with that crackpot professor out in Colorado: his testimony is that he can use the artwork for whatever purpose he sees fit and so he must be lying because we said that he's a liberal, and no matter how much the liberals say he ain't a part of them, well, he is and consequently he must have lied under oath.

Meanwhile, under the guise of responsible (which I've recently learned means not-leebruhl) blogging, Hindrocket [yeah, the other one] literally makes shit up while he goes along. But because it's something that would have mattered two weeks before the Pope fell ill, few will notice now. I believe that according to the gospel of Delay, it's the Lord's way of saying that the almighty resides in wingnuttia.