Unbearable heaviness of industry

After spending all week shielding against what was probably the worst electrical noise I've ever encountered on an "e-fiz rig" I'm now set to begin actual recordings--provided the animals remain deeply anaesthetized and survive the recordings. I can also now post my Phriday Saturday Photography:


etc., etc. all here: "We do not know how we become unaware of the unbearable heaviness of industry and industrialization.What wealth can they create,what a wonderful world-we tell ourselves.What we do not see is this:In many of the industrial sectors,what people have been doing is not only physically demanding.Fumes and dust are but physical proof of the hardship.One may be surprised to notice the absence of machinery where it should play a role.When labour is a source of pride,material return is less of a concern for the labourers.When this pride wears out in the course of time and as money sneaks in to be a standard measure,the glory is lost and survival instincts take over.
   The Chinese industrial labour force is poised on the banks of the mainstream.Victimized by the institutionalized work pace and norm,living in an ever-fixed social space,these people find it hard to fit in. "