Wednesday Wineblogging

Tonight we mainly drank beer since we were at a BBQ (in the words of Will Smith: "The temperature’s about 88...and your invited to a barbeque that's starting at"--well, 8:00). When we came home we opened a bottle of Giacomo Vico Arneis. Back in the day, we grew up enjoying our own Ponzi Arneis, and I have to say that Ponzi is more "quaffable". However, the Giacomo Vico is quite pleasant. I think this sentence of the tasting notes hits it about right: "Its taste is nicely bitterish and herby, with a dry, delicate flavour", and when it's hot outside that's a good thing.

If you reside in PA this wine is not available to you unless you disobey the law. Yes, the state where you can now buy wine at a whopping 20% of friendship PLCB stores on Sunday is not quite ready to accept this particular brand of Arneis, regardless of how laissez-faire most every other law here seems to be.