2200 block of Delancey goes to Seth Williams

OK, maybe not. But there was really no one at the polling station this morning besides the two of us, so who knows? The scroungers outside (those passing out fliers to potential voters) seemed truly surprised when I told them the primary reason I came to vote was for Seth Williams, and of course the environment and gun-control ballot measures.

One thing to point out: elections in Oregon are better. First, you get a voter pamphlet. These things really help in deciding which 8 candidates to vote for out of 20 (judges race). I figured the ones registered as *both* Democrat and Republican (how the hell does that work andyway?) were probably going to garner the most votes, so I threw mine to those only on one side of the ballot, thinking they might need some encouragement. And of course, all Republicans were also Democrats, so, you know (not that I would have voted any differently anyway). Secondly, it's vote by mail in Oregon. Those are much more practical, and probably lead to higher voter turnout. Yes, voter pamphlets and vote-by-mail are expensive options, especially for local elections, but they are so worth it!

Update: wow, with what seemed like alot of support, I suppose that name recognition kept Williams down in the primary in an anemic voter turnout race? More at attytood.