Bush the bumpin' bunny

Today we refuse, absolutely refuse to post anything of import and our reason is based on what we've learned from Bush (the one that lives in the White House, goes to bed early and has no sex): it's not our fault! We blame it on Bush, the one that lives upstairs, comes home late and has sex. Though my prediction--based on scientific evidence--was that her regular Tuesday night activity would last about 7.3 minutes, science was wrong....at first it seemed like the late night episode might end, then it it didn't and then they went back to what sounded like hammering nails into the headboard, and then it stopped again for a little bit and then it started up again....Well, as they say "Erections lasting more than six hours can result in long-term loss of potency" and we sure hope so because Ms Bush (we kid you not: it's either one Bush or the other that keeps us up at night) and her bo were bumpin' fast as bunnies for at least that long last night...

sadly, neither the one upstairs
nor the one in the White House is.

more posting tomorrow when we don't feel so tired. We also apologize for not having visited the sites we usually would on any given day because it took every bit of energy just to accomplish what we needed to do outside of the blogosphere. Until then, please make sure to ask for a gmail account if you're interested (either e-mail me or leave a comment).